Our response to COVID-19



Update, 4/1/2020: We realize that the Town of Washington and the Town of Roxbury, among other towns, have asked residents to self quarantine for 14 days after arriving from the NYC area. While we understand the importance of these efforts to reduce the spread of COVID-19, we also understand that there my be medical needs for the pets of our clients coming from the city. If you are self quarantined and your pet is in need of medical attention, please call our office for advice. We may be able to handle it over the phone or through our telemedicine service, which should be up and running momentarily. Alternatively, if your pet needs to be seen by a doctor, please arrange for someone not in self quarantine to transport your pet. If that is not possible, we will do everything we can to arrange transportation that both serves your pet and also reduces or eliminates spread of the virus. We want you to know that we are here for your pet in this time of need.


Update- 3/27/2020: We are pleased to announce that our staff all remain healthy, and due to the careful and thorough protocols we had in place, and quick reaction by our team, we had no more positive staff members and all have completed the 14 day quarantine from last day of exposure to the positive staff member.  We have had the clinic cleaned during our closure.

In order to hopefully prevent another closure, we are all adhering to the strict social distancing guidelines, as well as dividing our staff into two teams that will not interact for the foreseeable future.   Due to this, our staffing may be limited on some days and we ask for your patience as we adjust schedules.

We have adopted strict guidelines for staff and clients:

a.       Do not come to work sick.  Temperatures will be taken of staff members upon arrival.

b.       Sick clients will not be seen.  A sick client must find a surrogate to bring their pet to the clinic.

c.       One staff member (technician or reception) will be the only point of contact with clients.

d.       Maintain social distancing and all conversations around history, medications and discharges will be via phone or email.

f.        Technicians will sanitize their hands before and after each client interaction (leash/carrier).

g.       There will be no paper receipts.  All receipts will be emailed.

h.       Euthanasias will be the only exception to allowing a client in the building but the client must meet the following criteria.

                     i.      No illness themselves for the last 14 days

                     ii.      No COVID positive exposure for over 14 days


To ensure the safety of our clients and staff alike, we will continue with curbside/drop-off appointments and procedures. Our process will be as follows:


Please call us when you are in the parking lot of the hospital for your pet's scheduled appointment.

A staff member will come out and bring your pet into the clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

The doctor will communicate with you by phone for additional history, diagnostic and treatment recommendations.

Except for end-of-life care, clients will not have access to our facilities but may stay on-site in their cars.  

Scheduled drop-off pet visits can be made for exams, blood work or other testing. The same intake and discharge procedures detailed above will occur. 

Due to an overwhelming amount of requests and limited staff, we are only able to approve prescriptions through our online pharmacy or arrange for curbside pickup from our office.  If you would prefer to purchase elsewhere, please call our office to obtain a written prescription that can be submitted to the pharmacy of your choice.

In order to minimize direct contact time, we will process payments over the phone, minimizing cash and check transactions when possible.


We appreciate your understanding and invite you to give us a call with and concerns or questions you may have at 860-868-2973.  Thank you for your continued support and patience as we work to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


 Please note:  Look for future updates on possible food and medication delivery, as well as a launch of our new Telemedicine platform in the near future.


-Dr. Trish, Dr. Mike & All the Staff at Aspetuck Animal Hospital