As with their human parents, dental health is very important to the overall health of your pet.  Dental disease can lead to harmful bacteria spreading throughout your pet’s body and causing disease in the heart, kidneys, liver and other organs.  When this bacteria deposits plaque on your dog’s teeth, it needs to be removed professionally.  We have dental equipment that allows us to fully clean teeth above and below the gum line.  We are also capable of performing oral surgery and extractions of diseased or abscessed teeth if necessary.  We employ current and progressive pain relief techniques so that your pet experiences minimal discomfort during and after all dental procedures.

We utilize a iM3 Veterinary Dental Unit with an Ultrasonic Scaler.  As with our other procedures which require anesthesia all patients are monitored using an EKG machine and Pulse Oximeter as well as having an IV catheter placed and receiving IV fluids.