Does your dog qualify for an upcoming study?

We are currently helping study the effectiveness of a new product for the elimination of roundworms from dogs. The safety studies have all been performed, so there is no risk to the pets involved in this study.

If your dog (older than eight weeks) is overdue for a fecal exam, has not received a dewormer in the past ten days, and is in good health, we invite you to see if your dog is eligible for this study. Simply submit a fresh stool sample to our office, and we will send it to the lab for evaluation at no cost to you.  If it is found positive for roundworm eggs, we will call you and set your dog up to be treated at no cost:
You will get an exam, treatment, recheck stool sample at Day 10, and annual heartworm test (dogs over 6 months old) all at no cost to you.

Please note that this is a limited time offer! If you are interested in this rare opportunity, call us for more information or bring in a stool sample for testing.